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Colombia Medellín

Publicado 18 Dic 2020

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Cash Flow Club SAS
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Descripción general


-Empower , support and guide the sales team to achive or exced sales goals.
- Creation and leading a full sales team.
- Lead a team that can warm and cold outreach on social pages like Instagram and Linkedin amoung other internal platforms.
- Upselling, downselling and cross selling will be the focus of this managing role while dostering a relationship with the clients.
- Create metrics and commission structure for the sales department.
-Manage the strategy for CRM.
- Owning, establishing and maintaining the systems and credentials used to across all sales channel including but not limited to: community. all social media channels, telegram proups, CRM, etc.
- This role has the potential to move into much large projects within the company and lead deal raises in the future.
-Establishes metrics for the sales team, meets daily/weekly with the team and performs sessions.
- Actively recruting for opening on the team.
Partering and reporting sales data, strategy,content requests, and funnel health to the executive staff.

Requisitos para aplicar

- Full time 40 hrs a week.
-Great reading, writing and speaking of English and Spanish.
- Previous experience working in a fast growing start.
- Real estate and sales experience is deal.
- Previous experience in a sales or commission driven position.
-Previous experience with customer service and/or white glove service.
- Using data to make sales strategies and decisions.
- Product audits and weekly sales, reporting.
- Systems experience with: Google suite,Telegram, Linkedin, Youtube.
- Lead sales opening for top performers with commission structure.
- Experience with direct sale, digital sales, follow up and lead generation.
- This role is envolving constantly and will require this person to be dynamic and expect to take on projects outside of their primary responsabilities.

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